Elder Gifting

We are often asked what appropriate gifting practices are, whether it be for friends, family, elders, or corporate gifting.


Here are a few tips:


We would like to remind customers that everything we sell at Moonstone is appropriate to buy, and gift to anyone from anywhere regardless of culture and practices.


Gifting is often said to be guided by the heart, so we encourage anyone shopping at Moonstone to gift with their best intention and wishes for the person receiving the gift. This being in addition to a traditional Tobacco offering (we sell ceremonial tobacco is a tin of 50g or a four pack of 12.5g each tin)


That in mind, we understand that gifting may come with a budget so we encourage you ask for alternatives, advice, and guidance for solutions to best fit your gifting needs and/or requirements.


Below you can find Gifting options and Gifting Packages