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​Colton Willier: Artist, Filmmaker

​Colton Willier: Artist, Filmmaker

Posted by Colton Willier on 2020 May 22nd

Colton Willier
Public Relations

In 2009, Yvonne asked Amy what she was going to do when she went back to work after her maternity leave was up. With tears in her eyes, Amy said, “I cannot let someone else raise my son while I work.” Having a store was something that Yvonne & Amy had discussed many times in the past, so they took a leap of faith and opened up the gallery. Colton has been raised in the store, from the time he was 7 months old. He took his first steps, said his first words, and won the hearts of Moonstone’s customers. Being in school full time now, Colton is only in the store a couple hours a day, but that doesn’t stop people from asking for him and seeing how much he has grown. Be sure to say hi to Colton next time you are in. If you are lucky, he may take you on a tour and show you what he has helped create.

Colton has become an artist in his own right- he is a filmmaker! Colton created his first stop-motion film (with help from his friend) when he was 6 years old! Skateboarding Pants screened at the ImagineNative Film Festival in 2016. His sequel, Shirtnami, has gone global- it has screened in Edmonton, Pine Ridge, London UK, Los Angelos, and soon in New Zealand. He has been the youngest director at all of these film festivals. We couldn’t be more proud of him